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Complete ERP for IT services companies

Complete ERP for IT services companies


The customer problem

Our client is an engineering group composed of several sector subsidiaries. Within the framework of the implementation of a standardization of its working methods and the wish to improve the global and transversal consolidation of its various activities, it wishes to benefit from a Web and Smartphone Application allowing all its collaborators to be able to control the totality of its individual activity.

Our scope of intervention:

Trèfle Applications has created a dedicated and dimensioned service centre for this Customer.

Trèfle Applications spoke on the following topics :

  • Specifications : Architecture Construction, UI-UX Design, Webdesign, Database Modeling, Specification Writing
  • Development : Agile method by iterations, Recipe and Deployment in production
  • Accompaniment : Documentation, Training, Hardware and Application Maintenance

 The proposed solution

Trèfle Applications has designed and developed a Web application and Smartphone integrating different features :

  • Administration of subsidiaries and business types
  • User administration: integration of subsidiary specificities, management of hierarchical and functional connections, management of additional rights
  • Management of a specific reception for the 7 categories of users
  • CRM Management: Customers, Contacts, Employees
  • Opportunity Management: CA/Margin Simulator, Dynamic Commercial Proposal Generator
  • Business Management: Activity monitoring, Project management, Time and tasks management
  • Billing Management
  • Matrix reporting management: employee/scope, Business/Subsidiary, Business/Group, Clients/Group
  • HR Management: Recruitment Process, Employment Contract Generator, Mission Order Generator, Employee Administrative Management (Leave, Expenses,...)
  • Enterprise Inventory Management: equipment loan

Each employee will be able to connect on the support of his choice, allowing him to access in real time to his tasks, his actions to carry out.

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