Groupe Trèfle

Ambitions and Strategy of Groupe Trèfle

Trèfle was created to position itself on the market for technical assistance for major projects.

In this context, Trèfle brings:

  • Human resources: technical engineering and supervision resources
  • Monitoring resources: development or marketing of project tools
  • Managed infrastructures and services

Trèfle has voluntarily positioned itself as a generalist technical assistance company, however, the market inevitably pulls it towards specialities that are the guarantee of team productivity.

Trèfle articulates its development and reliability strategy around 3 pillars :

  • The motivation of the teams that guarantees,
  • The performance of our actions
  • The solidity of our organization, which allows us to be a reliable player in our businesses and to be independent in our development actions.
Trèfle has a fundamental ambition: to enable its employees to develop and be a career springboard for those who support it.

It is a complex objective to combine with the economic requirements imposed by our customers.

Our ability to position the right people at the right time also depends on our size. Our growth in staff is therefore crucial.

We are working on this while trying to avoid a major pitfall: not to lose our soul.