Groupe Trèfle

Values of the Groupe Trèfle

Trèfle was created in 2006, with the objective of never losing sight of four essential values:

  • Intellectual honesty: this Know-How is at the heart of our relationship with the client and our collaborator. We respect our commitments and we know how to say no.
  • Work: our know-how is the basis of our growth: Trèfle provides a service based on the work of its employees. It is neither a process nor an idea but the involvement and time spent by each person that leads to growth;
  • Knowing how to adapt: questioning yourself is a quality we maintain to satisfy the expectations of our customers and employees…
  • Enthusiasm and reactivity are the guarantees of our success. It is the desire that makes it possible to carry out major projects. We are careful to ensure that it is always present in our activities, it is the basis of our management.

These 4 values are part of the 3 pillars of our company construction...

"We created Trèfle with the firm intention of defending values that are being lost. We seek the development of our employees and the uncompromising satisfaction of our customers. For us, the word given is not an empty word. We are willing to sacrifice our growth to defend these humanist values."

Co-founder of Groupe Trèfle.