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Processing Solutions Editor

Processing Solutions Editor


The client's problem

Our Customer is a telecom equipment manufacturer. Within the framework of his activity, he wishes to be able to configure, put into Production and Control automated File Processing Solutions through a Web Interface controlling the deployment of Office applications deployed on a server. The objective is to define standardized business processing rules and configure them for each use.

Our scope of interventio

Trèfle applications intervened on the following themes :

  • Specifications: Architecture Construction, UI-UX Design, Database Modeling, Specification Writing
  • Development: Agile method by iterations, Recipe and Deployment in Production
  • Accompaniment : Documentation, Training, Application Maintenance

The proposed solution

Trèfle Applications has designed and developed a Web application integrating the following features :

  • User Administration
  • Business Rules Administration
  • Variable administration: contacts, mailing list and data sources
  • Campaign Management Project
  • Configuration of Project parameters: Flow and Associated Rules
  • Application Solutions Deployment
  • User log management

Trèfle Applications has designed and developed a generic Office application integrating the following features :

  • Dynamic acquisition of project parameters
  • Dynamic acquisition of the variables of the flows to Process
  • Execution of Treatments
  • Notification management
  • Interface with Project Databases

The Office application developed allows multi-user use and works in our Client's secure environment.

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