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Production Reporting Service Center

Production Reporting Service Center


The client's problem

Our Customer is a Telecom Operator. As part of the management of its network, it wishes assistance in the design of various application suites enabling several of its departments and regional divisions to automate the creation of aggregated databases and the production of Excel and PowerPoint reporting.

Our scope of intervention

Trèfle Applications has created a dedicated and dimensioned service centre for each of the Customer's departments.

Trèfle Applications works on the following themes :

  • Specifications : Needs Expressions Analysis, Application Architecture Construction
  • Development: Agile method by iterations, Recipe and Deployment in Production
  • Deliverable Production: Defining Calendars and Performing Inter-Deliverable Consistency Checks
  • Accompaniment: Evolution of applications

The proposed solution

Trèfle Applications has developed and maintains in operational conditions more than 150 Office tools and produces an average of 600 deliverables/month.

Here are some examples:

  • Database Consolidation and Aggregation
  • Calculation of activity indicators and KPIs
  • Reports / Dashboards
  • Planning management
  • Forecast Follow-up
  • Complex spot analyses
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